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3 Renovations to Do Before Selling Your House to Get Better Offers

3 Renovations to Do Before Selling Your House to Get Better Offers

//3 Renovations to Do Before Selling Your House to Get Better Offers
things to do before selling your house

The best way to get an amazing deal on a real estate sale is to do some repairs and upgrades before you put it on the market. As backward as it may sound, putting a little bit of money into the home can create significant returns for you. 

This can be the difference between a sale that takes forever to find interested buyers and a listing that people get into a bidding war over. The right investments will make more people want to buy, which will amp up the home value and sale price until you get the deal you’re looking for.

But first, you have to get to work!

Here are 3 of the most important things to do before selling your house as far as renovations go.

1. Enhance the Curb Appeal  

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your home is on the inside if it’s a total mess on the outside. Curb appeal is the first thing buyers notice when they pull up for an open house and browse through listings online.

You can’t afford to make a bad first impression and the future owners of your property definitely don’t want to do that when they invite people over. As such, one of the best things to do before listing your home is to go outside and fix things up. 

Put a new coat of paint on the shingles and clean up the lawn. Make sure there aren’t any loose items on the roof and re-paint the front door if it’s looking a little worn out.

2. Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly  

Once you’ve fixed up the outside of the home, you can start focusing on what needs to be done inside. Think of the overall function of your entire house rather than the repairs that each individual room may benefit from. 

Ask yourself how eco-friendly your HVAC is and consider how things like plumbing and electricity affect energy consumption. This is a huge point of opportunity to increase home value.

It’s worth investing in a new eco-friendly washer/dryer set or at least fixing the leaky faucets around the house. You may also want to upgrade one of the appliances in the kitchen or do some eco-friendly landscaping.

3. Upgrade the Kitchen

Speaking of upgrading kitchen appliances, there’s more value in doing this than just improving energy consumption. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. 

Buyers won’t care how many beds and baths you have if the kitchen is completely outdated. You don’t have to create an entirely brand-new cooking space for them, but you do need to do some of the cosmetic work.

Maybe you purchase new cabinets or upgrade the countertops. Maybe you invest in all-new appliances or you just give the walls a paint job and put in a new backsplash.

Whatever you do, don’t overlook the importance of this room.

#1 On the List of Things to Do Before Selling Your House?

Although there are plenty of things to do before selling your house in terms of upgrades and repairs, there are also a few logistics to take care of. The #1 thing above anything else is to get a real estate agent. 

You don’t want to put your home on the market without having a professional ready to show the property and negotiate the details of your contract. They’ll be your support system throughout the whole process and they can help you get a better deal than the one you’d get on your own. 

Put simply, hiring a real estate agent is an absolute must when you’re selling your house. Click here to find the right real estate agent for you!

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