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5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas That'll Sell Your Home

5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas That’ll Sell Your Home

//5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas That’ll Sell Your Home

real estate marketing ideas

Did you know that 5.51 million homes were sold in the United States in 2017?

Looking at selling your home but not sure how to go about it? Let’s look at five real estate marketing ideas that the pros use. This will help you feel more confident.

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Top Five Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Photographs, a social media presence, and videos can help you sell a home. Let’s look at why these work.

1. Creating a Social Media Presence

Having your house listed and shared through social media channels is a way to gain interest. People will share with friends or family searching for a new home.

Instagram is a beautiful resource to reach thousands of users. Real estate agents at RE/MAX Executives have Instagram profiles, and can post photos of your house online to be liked and shared by their followers.

By sharing relevant hashtags, real estate agents connect with buyers.

2. Make Sure Your Photos Are Great

Having your real estate agent take quality pictures of your home will boost your chance of finding a buyer. RE/MAX Executives agents do this by default, and it’s important—many people begin searching for their home online.

They’re drawn to certain houses that look cozy and clean. Having strong photos of your home is essential.

You can always consider taking additional shots yourself and sharing on your social media. Just make sure you don’t get the streets or sidewalks.

Have your family members move the cars out of the driveway so you can get a clear exterior shot. Take angled and close-up photos.

3. Don’t Forget Your Sign

Having a sign on your front lawn works. People passing through the neighborhood will see it. If they’re interested, they will call up your agent. This is free advertising for you.

If your house is on a corner lot, put up two signs. These signs should have the phone number of your agent’s closest office and brokerage office.

Also, the agent’s cell phone number should included. This will ensure that the interested buyer will get through to someone immediately, not just to a front desk.

4. Storytelling Is a Powerful Technique

When an agent tries to sell your home, they are going to have to think about how to tell a story about your house. This is what will go alongside your listing information on their website.

Writing compelling content will help interested buyers visualize living at your home. This allows for a strong personal connection to build. It’s a useful tool for bringing in interested buyers to look at your house.

5. A Video Tour of Your Neighborhood

Having a tour of your neighborhood on camera can be useful for many reasons.

Buyers from out of the area will be able to get a better sense of the community. Often, houses in rural areas and smaller cities won’t have a lot of videos online to showcase their charm.

These five tips will help you get market ready and find the right selling price. Make sure to learn more about how to price your home.

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